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Consultations and Staff Trainings for Organizations

The workplace is becoming increasingly complicated and diverse. Workplace stress affects the individual as well as the productivity of the organization. Effective work relationships can enhance employee health, satisfaction, and productivity.

I have provided continuing education cultural competency trainings for mental health service providers in the state of NJ for over 15 years. These trainings have been sponsored by various organizations such as UMD-NJ, Rutgers, School of Social Work, the Multicultural Family Institute, NAMI-NJ, and United Way.  I have also worked with libraries and middle and high school administrators across the state on issues related to improving customer services and staff morale. I am available to design intervention services that may be most effective for you and your organization.

Types of services that I provide include:

  • Cultural competency Training:   Agencies and businesses in the tri-state area, especially New Jersey, serve an increasingly diverse population. Cultural competency in the provision of services, as well as in the management of diverse employee groups, can enhance the efficiency and productivity of organizations. Training workshops can help your organization:
    • Provide effective and innovative services to diverse communities
    • Improve inter-staff relations
    • Boost morale
  • Staff Training and Development:  Staff may benefit from training workshops in:
    • Effective workplace interactions
    • Cultural competency in the provision of services
    • Living with difference and diversity in the workplace
    • Conflict management and resolution skills
  • Leadership Development:  Effective leaders can transform the workforce into a dedicated, effective team. Effective leaders understand their strengths and challenges and use their position and resources to meet their responsibilities and challenges in an effective and productive manner. Leadership development interventions can help leaders build and support teams in which individuals:
    • Work together collaboratively
    • Feel valued and appreciated
    • Are united by common goals
    • Take pride in their output
    • Enjoy coming to work
    • Feel conflicts are effectively resolved

For a consultation and more information please call 732-319-9104.