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Individual Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents

I am a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience providing psychotherapy and counseling to adolescents and adults with varied personality styles,  racial and cultural backgrounds and orientations.

Are you struggling with any of the following and feel that you are not functioning at your best?

  • Personal emotional problems including:
Depression and Anxiety Stress related problems
Personality conflicts Symptoms of a mental illness
Anger and other difficult emotions Identity concerns
Eating concerns or body image issues Mood instability
Self harm or suicidality Self esteem concerns
  • Relationship problems including:
Family problems Marital and partner conflict
Communication difficulties with partner/spouse Difficulties with friends and colleagues
  • Other environmental stressors including:
Immigration and cultural adjustment issues Health problems
Loss, grief, and trauma Unexpected negative life events
  • Work related stress  including:
Lack of fulfillment in your chosen career/job Leadership issues
Management of the work-life balance Difficulty in achieving your goals
Interpersonal difficulties with superiors, peers/subordinate
Management of a toxic work environment: dealing with harassment, workplace bullying, sabotage, or harmful interactions
  • Academic difficulties including:
Perfectionism Anxiety and general academic stress
Lack of direction or motivation Difficulty concentrating
Finding the right career Discovering your academic passion
Difficulty in completion of projects such as dissertation or thesis Performance anxiety related to test taking, public speaking and related demands


Psychotherapy might be helpful to you.

I can help you relieve stress and address your mental health concerns. Therapy can enhance the quality of your life by facilitating:

  • Support and an empathic environment
  • A safe space for emotional processing
  • An increased understanding and insight regarding your self and your relationships
  • A different perspective
  • Development of new and effective skills
  • Development of skills to modify long standing patterns that do not serve you anymore
  • Enhancement of your self-esteem, confidence, resilience, and well being

Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, I will work closely and collaboratively with you to develop an individualized road map to a mentally healthy life.

To learn more about my training and experience visit meet your provider on this site

If you have other questions visit Questions about psychotherapy on this site for more information or call me at 732-319-9104.