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Supervision and Training for Mental Health Clinicians

 I am a teacher and supervisor at heart. I have extensive experience (over 15 years) in teaching and supervising clinical-psychologists-in-training at various levels of their professional development. I teach didactic and supervision classes in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University and I have designed and coordinated the post-doctoral level fellowship program at Counseling and Psychological Services at Princeton University.  In addition, I have 7 years of teaching and research experience as a professor in the field of Economics.

My supervisory work, like my therapy, is guided by the needs of the supervisees and their stage of professional development. Within the safety of the supervisory relationship, I encourage the supervisees to fully understand their patients, themselves and the co-created therapeutic space. I conceptualize from a psychodynamic perspective and help the supervisees develop a deeper understanding of a case theoretically so that formulation can guide their therapeutic interventions. I work with the counter-transference of the supervisees and parallel processes in the room to assist the supervisee to develop understanding and sharpen technique while consolidating their own therapeutic style.

I am keenly aware of and interested in the incorporation of cross-cultural and multicultural issues in supervision and I help supervisees consider the implications of cultural imperatives in the work with their own clients.

If you are in need of individual supervision or would like to join a supervision group, please contact me at: 732-319-9104.