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Tips for Parents of Teens

Communication between parents and teens is complicated and yet, essential for the negotiation of this important developmental life stage. But parenting an adolescent can sometimes be a challenge -a roller coaster of emotional reactivity coupled with the never ending crises of fast approaching and nearly missed deadlines of academic work, college applications, and other potential achievements. This coupled with the emotional highs and lows of highly complex teenage social interactions, romantic forays, questions of identity and the meaning of life can make for a roller coaster ride that beats most amusement parks. During all this, parents are also worrying about the dizzying array of potential risks their teens are facing ( of addictive and harmful substances, sexual activities, gambling options, unsafe behaviors, emotional decompensation, and academic failure). Staying connected to your teen and keeping lines of communication is the antidote to distress and essential for reaping the benefits of the considerable change this period of life offers. This brochure offers some tips that can help parents empathize with their teen and develop a constructive, open, supportive and communicative relationship.

Download the Brochure: Tips for Parents of Teens